Choosing the Best Firearm Can Be A Daunting Chore

Are you like millions of other folks who are considering the purchase of a firearm? Maybe you already own a gun, but you’re thinking about adding another one. Or switching to a different style or caliber.

If you are a gun expert or someone with lots of experience, you may not learn much here. This site is for people who are planning to buy a gun, but don't have a lot of experience with guns. We are all leery of salespeople in stores at times. Are they telling us what is best for us... or for their sales commission? They may be giving us the best information, at least as far as they know, but how do we know if we are making the best buying decision?

If more information would be helpful to you, then this site will be worth your time. 

Whatever the reason for the purchase, buying a gun is a serious decision and deserves careful consideration. As a former cop, I get asked about weapons all the time. Which gun should I buy? Should I get a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol or a .357 revolver? Is a shotgun good for home defense?

I really don’t mind the questions, because I like firearms of all types, and I certainly don’t mind helping my friends make informed decisions. But since I don't have the opportunity to talk to everyone, I thought this web site might be helpful to a lot more people.

Often my answers aren't really answers - just a new series of questions. Questions that need to be asked and truthfully answered before any meaningful advice can be given. Some questions may require some real soul searching. Others aren't that deep, but are still important.

Questions like…    

  • Why do you want a gun? For hunting? Target shooting? Self-defense? Home defense? Do you plan to concealed carry the firearm?
  •  Do you have any experience with weapons, particularly the type you “think” you want?
  •  If this is your first firearm, are you willing to learn how to use it?
  • What caliber do you want? Is that the best caliber for you and for what you want to use the gun for?
  • Should you get a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol?
  •  Are you willing to practice and to maintain proficiency?
  • Do you want a double action or a single action? Do you know the difference and what difference it makes? How about an external safety?
  • How much money can you afford to spend?
  • Will you want to accessorize your gun with a laser or a flashlight?
  • What type of sights would be best for you?
  •  Are you willing to use the gun in defense of your life or the life of another?
  •  Can you keep the gun safely? Where and how will you store it?
  • Will you take the time and effort to clean and maintain your gun?
  • Do you really have any business with a firearm at all? Sometimes the answer is no.

The list of questions goes on, but you get the idea. Each answer may result in a new question. But take the time to go through the process. Learn all you can before you make a decision and before you spend your money. There are lots of options. Lots of manufacturers. Lots of accessories. But those decisions are better made toward the end of the process. The initial phase of the decision making process will help you determine whether you need a long gun or a handgun. A shotgun or a rifle? A pistol or a revolver? What caliber will serve your needs best?


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider before you actually make a purchase. If you are a seasoned shooter and gun owner, share your knowledge and experience here on the site. “Pay It Forward” as the saying goes.

The objective here is to guide you through the decision making process. To help you make an informed choice after considering all the relevant information.

Gun ownership is an American right. Just as surely as our right of free speech and our right to worship as we see fit. So let’s not take that right for granted. Rather, let’s exercise that right carefully, safely and responsibly.


Now back to that first question I asked. Why do you want a gun? Generally speaking, there is one of three reasons people consider buying a firearm…

1.       Self defense / personal protection / home defense

2.       Target practice / shooting for fun or competition

3.       Hunting

There is frequently some degree of overlap between these, but each reason leads to a different set of considerations before choosing a gun. Start with your primary reason for a specific firearm and we’ll get going…

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